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The Custom Building Process

Vale-Irvin Homes follows design-build approach that makes building your home a simple, enjoyable, and exciting process that gives you the confidence to begin your new home project.


This takes place in a No Pressure atmosphere. We meet with you to listen to your needs and wishes for your new home. We will determine such aspects as the overall size, location, and any upgrades. At this point we are able to accurately calculate an exact price of what your home will cost to build.

From here, you will let us know if and when you are ready to move forward. At that time, we will prepare a sales contract and we are ready for the design stage.


At this juncture, we will help you to achieve the perfect floor plan and exterior to suit your needs.

At the initial design meeting, you will decide if you want to work off one of our many existing plans or if we will start from scratch.

Either way, we will put on paper the layout you desire.

We then forward this layout to our architect for computer generated plans. When the plans are finished, we meet a second time to review them, make any needed changes and resubmit to the architect. This process usually takes three meetings and approximately two weeks before the final plans are exactly as you desire.


Usually construction commences about two weeks after plans are complete due to time needed to get appropriate permits.

At this time we will begin to assist you with making selections such as stone, stucco, brick, and cabinetry.

Within thirty days, weather permitting, the house framing should be complete. This is a key point in time to make any possible changes without significant expense. Also, at this point in the process, you will be making your remaining selections like, tile, paint colors, and granite.

In about two weeks after all plumbing, wiring, and inspections are complete, the drywall is installed. At this stage under normal conditions, we are entering the final month of construction. Keep in mind at this point as well as any other, you are welcome to visit the site and contact us with any questions or concerns.

After construction comes to a close, we will conduct a final walk through of the home with you. We will highlight any cosmetic issues with blue painters tape and make notes of any significant repairs or corrections. If applicable, the city inspector will make his fourth and final inspection to ensure that the home meets all codes and requirements. If you wish, you are also welcome to hire a third party inspector to perform a thorough check of your home. When you are completely satisfied with your home, we will then schedule to close escrow.

Now it's time to get the moving trucks!

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